Residential projects such as subdivisions and much more.


Commercial projects such as hotels, strip malls, and much more .


Municipal projects like parks, roads, and much more.

IT Services

Our IT division offers full range of IT services so you have a complete solution for your building and project.

Experience You Can Trust

Robert B. Paymayesh is the Principal and Owner at PE Group, LLC, with over 24 years of experience in Civil Engineering, Land Development and Urban Design in the Central Florida area.  His experience includes numerous commercial projects including Master Development Infrastructure design, office buildings, restaurants, service stations, banks, radio / TV broadcast facilities, government postal facilities, County roads, schools, churches, shopping centers, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, resort hotels, docks and marinas, Wetland Mitigation Banks, along with several residential and golf course communities.


Full IT Solutions

Stephanie Paymayesh is a Senior Partner with PE Group, LLC.  Ms. Paymayesh has over twenty years of 
experience with the design, development, and support of ERP packages, with a concentration in the 
support of the Andersen Consulting software package, DCS/Logistics.  Ms. Paymayesh began her career 
with Andersen Consulting working on large scale implementation projects of the DCS/Logistics software 
package, and has participated in the implementation and customization of all functional and technical areas 
of the package, including Order to Cash, EDI, Warehouse Management, Inventory Management, EDI, 
General Ledger, Outbound Logistics and Supply Chain.   


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