Meet the principal


Stephanie Paymayesh is a Senior Partner with PE Group, LLC. Ms. Paymayesh has over twenty years of experience with the design, development, and support of ERP packages, with a concentration in the support of the Andersen Consulting software package, DCS/Logistics. Ms. Paymayesh began her career with Andersen Consulting working on large scale implementation projects of the DCS/Logistics software package, and has participated in the implementation and customization of all functional and technical areas of the package, including Order to Cash, EDI, Warehouse Management, Inventory Management, EDI, General Ledger, Outbound Logistics and Supply Chain. !

Ms. Paymayesh has provided integration, enhancement, maintenance, and conversion support for several DCS clients on the IBM CICS/MVS platform. Her experience spans the entire system implementation lifecycle including business requirements definition, preliminary system design, business process re-engineering, system testing of software applications, implementation of project quality control, user training, and post-conversion support. She has designed and implemented significant customizations to DCS/Logistics including customer product allocations, integrated voice pick, automated warehouse/letdown and replenishment and Ms. Paymayesh has extensive functional experience in the areas of warehouse management, inventory control, billing, distribution requirements planning, purchasing, order processing, pricing and promotions, EDI and returns processing.


  • Newton Consulting – Independent Subcontractor 2005-Present
  • Solutions Consulting, Inc. – Senior Consultant 1995 - 2003
  • Andersen Consulting – Developer 1992 – 1995
  • Lockheed Martin 1989 - 1992


Pharmaceutical Company, Pittsburgh, PA Feb., 2003 – Present

Ms. Paymayesh is a primary resource providing system support for DCS/Logistics at a multinational,

multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical company. She has also been involved in the design, development and

implementation of multiple system enhancements, leveraging DCS/Logistics as a base application, linking it

with other systems using secure FTP and an MQ Series based middleware adapter for integration to

external systems. Her role includes working with users to identify process improvement opportunities, and

she has delivered multiple enhancements which have resulted in positive return on investment for the

business. Additionaly, she provides helpdesk coverage and emergency, off hours support.

Entertainment, Theme Parks and Resorts Company, Orlando, FL Jan., 2002 – Sept.,2002

Oct 1998 - Dec 2000

Ms. Paymayesh provided DCS/Logistics support for a multi-billion dollar entertainment, theme parks and 

resorts company based in Orlando, FL. In her role, Ms. Paymayesh was the primary resource at the client 

responsible for providing system support and enhancements.  Key enhancements at this client included 

integrating an automated voice pick application with DCS/Logistics, and the creation of an automated 

letdown/replenishment application used by the warehouse management/inventory control group to 

optimize use of warehouse space and resources.  Ms. Paymayesh also participated in developing the 

conversion approach and implementing the conversion plan for replacing pieces of DCS/Logistics 

functionality with SAP.

Computer Products Distributor, Clearwater, FL November 1992 – August 1995

March 1996 – November 1998

Ms. Paymayesh was involved in the design, implementation, and testing of enhancements to 

DCS/Logistics for a multi-billion dollar microcomputer hardware/software distributor.  Ms. Paymayesh 

designed and implemented the Accounts Receivable/Cash Application processes and General Ledger 

interfaces.  She also was responsible for defining requirements for implementing DCS/Logistics for the 

Canadian subsidiary of the client.  Ms. Paymayesh participated in multiple roles at the client, including as a 

lead analyst for the EDI group responsible for integrating EDI capability for the client allowing the client to 

leverage all EDI interfaces standard for the industry. 

Food and Beverage Manufacturer/Distributor, Bradenton, FL Jan., 2001 – Dec., 2001

Ms. Paymayesh participated in a project to integrate the systems of a newly acquired subsidiary with the 

DCS/Logistics application used by a Food and Beverage Manufacturer/Distributor based in Bradenton, FL.  

As part of the project team, Ms. Paymayesh worked with the client to map the data from the subsidiary’s 

systems to prepare the data for conversion to DCS/Logistics.  In addition, Ms. Paymayesh created custom 

EDI interfaces.

Consumer Products Manufacturer, Princeton, NJ September 1995 – March 1996

Ms. Paymayesh was a Lead Analyst supporting custom modifications of DCS/Logistics for a multi-billion 

dollar manufacturer and distributor of consumer household products based in Princeton, New Jersey.  She 

led a team of two programmers who implemented a General Ledger interface and reporting enhancements.  

Ms. Paymayesh was responsible for all aspects of the enhancement including design, development, testing 

and post-implementation training.

Consumer Products Manufacturer, Orlando, FL August 1992 – November 1992

Ms. Paymayesh participated in her first engagement as a developer on a DCS/Logistics implementation at a 

multi-billion dollar manufacturer and distributor of kitchen and home products based in Orlando, FL.  As a 

member of a project team, Ms,. Paymayesh was responsible for modifications to the Order Processing 

functionality of DCS/Logistics to customize the application for use in the multi-level marketing 



Bachelor of Science, Statistics, 1989 University of Florida

MBA, 1992 Rollins College

Crummer Graduate School of Business